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Medlock Valley Project

Medlock Project Launch 2003

The Medlock Valley Project began in 2003 and is a partnership between several agencies and the local community. It aims to ensure that the Medlock Valley, including Philip's Park, Clayton Vale, Holt Town and the Lower Medlock, become a focus of everyday life in East Manchester and a green resource for the city. The project works to improve access, usage and address long-term management issues in the valley. Almost £2million was funded by the Northwest Development Agency and funding is continuing to be sourced to continue projects.  The vision for the valley continues with partners including Leisure Services, Groundwork, New East Manchester, Friends of Clayton Vale and Friends of Philips Park all working together to achieve this vision by increasing usage and applying for funding.

Volunteers are an important part of the project and have helped to improve and promote the Medlock Valley.  Some of the work carried out has included:-

  • Building a pond-dipping platform at the lake, enabling children to learn more about pond life.
  • Planting pond plants to attract more wildlife and improve ponds appearance.
  • Increasing wildflower areas to complement the biodiversity action plan.
  • Cleanups to litterpick fly tipping.

This is just a small amount of the work that volunteers carry out with the project.

Want to volutneer?  Then please contact the warden to find out more.


You can learn more about the Medlock Valley in the following summary report, which contains background information, maps and photographs. Use the link below to download the report in Adobe PDF format, suitable for desktop printing or viewing on-screen.