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Holt Town & Lower Medlock

Holt TownLower Medlock

Containing both the Ashton Canal and the River Medlock the 38 hectares (95 acres) site is situated to the east of the City Centre and to the west of SportCity in the East. A large green recreation area with one of the first children's play ground at Cambrian Street it links Philips Park to the Lower Medlock.

A reservoir was created at Holt Town taking the water from the River Medlock and feeding it to Piccadilly for city centre use. It was Manchester's principal water supply until 1826 when Gorton Reservoirs were formed.

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Lower Medlock

An area running from Ashton New Road, through Purslow Close, Palmerston Street, Aden Close to Limekiln Lane near Pin Mill Brow. It has many types of trees including willow and crab apples. The river bends and winds in this fantastic natural green space before heading out towards Mancunian Way.

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Map of Medlock Valley Way linking to Philips Park.