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Management, Regulations and Safety

Management of the Medlock Valley

The Medlock Valley is an important and greatly valued green space. It requires careful management to meet the needs of today's communities, while also improving  it for generations. This careful balance can only be achieved through partnership - involving local government, community groups, environmental trusts, private businesses and many other stakeholders - all working and thinking together.

Manchester City Council's Leisure Services is responsible for the planning, design, conservation and management. This responsibility is shared amongst the Medlock Valley Project, a dedicated network of partners, including Groundwork, New East Manchester, Friends and other community groups and voluntary organisations

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Regulations and Safety

It is important that we all work together in making sure that Philips Park the Valley is a safe and welcoming environment for local residents and visitors. Please be considerate of other people when using the parks and help to look after  their environment.

The Medlock Valley, like all parks in Manchester, is subject to its own bye-laws and   codes of practice covering all the green spaces in the Medlock Valley.

Regulations and Safety Information, including the Countryside Code, Dog Owners Code of Practice and Safety in the Valley.

To report an incident in the park contact:

Wardens Service - 0161 223 8278 open 9am-5pm
Incident Response - 0161 223 3678, open 10am-7pm during winter, 10am-10pm during summer
Greater Manchester Police - 0161 872 5050 or 999 for emergencies

Safe Play

A positive approach to health and safety is a vital feature of Manchester Leisure's play policy. All of the city's play areas comply with the European BS EN1176-1178 regulations, and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) carries out annual inspections.

Equipment and the play area environment undergo a weekly visual inspection and a monthly technical inspection to ensure safety. The regulations apply to all features, from access to equipment, surfaces, furniture and the surrounding environment. We are committed to improving our existing play areas and developing new sites to which meet the National Playing Fields Association (NPFA) guide for play areas for disabled children (known as the National Six Acre Standard).